The following internships should be made in order to graduate from the undergraduate program of the Department of Architecture at Izmir University of Economics:

Those students who are going to make their internships should make the Internship Acceptance Form signed by the responsible staff in the Internship place and one of the members of the Internship Committee 2 weeks before the beginning of the internship; and submit two copies (one original and one photocopy) it to Res. Assist. Gözde Damla Turhan (; as well as submit one copy to the Career Guidance Center in order to get the compulsory insurance. One copy of the form should be kept by the student. During the submission of the form, a code number will be given to each student to monitor the student and to be indicated on the binding of the report.

Internship Committee Members

Office hours: By appointment

Office hours: By appointment

Office hours: By appointment

The Internships should be made in accordance with the items available in the IUE Internship Guide:

IUE Internship Guide

The reports for all the three internships of the Department of Architecture (ST102, ST204, ST304) should be prepared in English in A4 size and submitted to the Internship Committee one week after the internship has been completed. In order to receive a satisfactory grade from the Internships, the following items in addition to those indicated in the IUE Internship Guide should be paid attention:

You may access pdf versions of the forms, which are also available as appendices in the IUE Internship Guide, from the following links:

Internship Acceptance Form  

Intern Evaluation Form    

Internship Place Evaluation Form  

Internship Report Check List 

Important Notes: